Jumpstart Talking


Parents of late talkers often tell me that they are afraid that their child will get lost in the shuffle of a traditional preschool. Sometimes this comes from instinct, other times it comes from experience. Some parents of late talkers do not even know that their child is behind until they sit in a class and realize that their child is not able to keep up with everyone else verbally.

I can relate to the feeling. While my daughter is gifted when it comes to communication, I vividly remember watching in horror while the other children raced past her as she clumsily struggled to climb the stairs in her first preschool. I couldn’t help but wonder why the school hadn’t said anything to me. It probably had something to do with trying to avoid my next action, which was to pull her out and find a place that was more appropriate.

This experience is part of the reason I developed the Jumpstart Talking program. It is an engaging, communication based program designed to get your child talking while also preparing him for school. Unlike the experience you would have in a preschool, our small groups are led by board certified speech language pathologists who specialize in early childhood communication. They will understand your child’s unique needs so you never have to worry about him getting lost in the shuffle or feeling left out.

It wouldn’t be right to say this is just speech/language therapy or a preschool. Nor would it be right to call the program a preschool that develops communication skills. While our program does focus on developing your child’s communication skills as we prepare him for school, it goes far beyond that. It is an innovative new approach to early childhood development designed to bring out your child’s true potential.

7 Key Features

That will benefit you and your child

1) Our classes are led by experienced board certified speech language pathologists that specialize in early childhood communication so you can rest easy knowing that your child is getting the best help possible AND not wasting time with someone who is just “learning what to do”.

2) Fun and exciting educational activities will engage your child in a way that will make him (or her) excited to come to class and eager to speak up. More than just learning how to communicate, your child will also be learning important skills to prepare for preschool, kindergarten and life.

3) Small classes with no more than six children and two adults ensure that your child gets plenty of attention and never gets lost in the shuffle.

4) Classes last an hour and a half and you have a choice of 2 or 3 times per week. This gives us time to really help your child while it gives you a chance to get to know the other parents of late talkers in our spacious and inviting waiting room. (It also gives you time to take care of pressing errands at one of the many shops, stores, banks, spas or doctors which are all just around the corner.)

5) Weekly notes give you a “fly on the wall” view behind the scenes so you always know what is going on and never feel left out.

6) Comprehensive network of premier experts and specialists at your beck and call. We’re here to do more than just help your child speak; we’re here to help him develop. Should you ever need help from any other expert in the child health or education fields, we can save you the hassle and anxiety of trying to find the right one for your child. We’ve been doing this long enough to know who is good and who is not.

7) You have a “Right Decision”, risk-free, money back guarantee that ensures that you risk nothing by joining today. If at any time before the start of your 5th week you decide you are not absolutely thrilled, for any reason, we will give you all of your money back guaranteed. It is that simple. That means you can enjoy the classes without risk.

My name is Isa Marrs and if you have a late talker I encourage you to either call 914.488.5282 or enter your name and phone number in the form to the right to request a free phone consultation now to discover how the Jumpstart Talking program can get your child talking and ready for his future. I guarantee that you will be glad you did.