Make The Right Decision

You should not have to worry that you have made the right decision for your child. That is why I have created the “Right Decision Guarantee”. Join the program now and enjoy all of the benefits of membership without any risk whatsoever. If at any time before the start of your child’s 5th week you decide you are not absolutely thrilled, for any reason, I will give you all of your money back guaranteed. And you don’t have to worry about any hassle or headaches. Finding the right program for your child is difficult enough without having to worry about wasting your money. That is why I am taking on all of the risk for you.  I could not make you this offer if I were not absolutely I could not do that if I were not totally confident that you and your child are going to love the program. You have absolutely nothing to lose by calling 914.488.5282 now to discover how the program can jumpstart your child’s talking and get him ready for school.

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Dedicated to helping your child,

Isa Marrs, MA CCC-SLP
Executive Director
Jumpstart Talking