5 Common Late Talking Myths

1) Don’t worry, she’ll grow out of it
2) He’s not talking because boys develop later
3) He’s not talking because he’s lazy
4) She’s not talking because her older sibling talks for her
5) He’s not talking because you don’t make him

Late Talking Facts

Children talk if they are able to. Some may be more reserved than others; however, talkative siblings, gender, laziness or “you not making him” are not the reasons why your child is a late talker. The truth is that while many children will grow out of late talking it is often the first sign of something significant, beyond communication, being wrong.

Studies show that the longer it takes a child to start talking the more likely he or she will have problems with learning and making friends. That’s why it is so important that all late talkers be evaluated by a qualified speech language pathologist, and then treated if necessary.